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Optical fiber patch cord
Armored Optical fiber patch cord
Armored Protection Fiber Coupler
Armored dispatching patch cord for Emergency
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Armored Dispatching Patchcord's advantage



Stainless steel tube offers protection to optical fiber and has high tensile strength, pressure
resistance, re-twist resistance and prevents bite by rat.
Standard SC, FC, ST connector and SM, MM fiber are available
Excellent optical characteristics: ILQ 0.2dB, RLR50dB
Identify easily with 12 of PVC coating color.
Free movement
Armored protecting tube+spool+receiving frame make emergency connection quick and convenient, shortening a critical moment .And it is also beneficial for fiber maintenance.
Attach rollers, adjustable handle for easily carry purpose. 


Category SM MM
Length (M) 30/60/120M 30/60/120M
Type SM 9/125 GI 50/12562.5/125
core number of Fibers 246 or 12 Fibers 246 or 12 Fibers
Connector spec. FC/SC/ST FC/SC/ST
Dimension(mm) 300*285*530 300*285*530
Weight(kg) About7.0/9.5/13.5kg About7.0/9.5/13.5kg
Tension of Cable(kg) About100kg About100kg
OD of Cable(mm) About8mm About8mm

Note: The connector can meet the customer's requirements, extra requirements you may contact with us directly.

Protection cap Optical Connector Flame-resistance PVC Coating
Metal Protection tube Splitter  Optical Fiber

Many styles of corresponding for optional (1 to 1, 2 to 2, 4 to 4, 6 to 6, 12 to 12)

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