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Optical fiber patch cord
Armored Optical fiber patch cord
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FC (SM/MM) Patch cord SC (SM/MM) Patch cord ST (SM/MM) Patch cord
FC (SM/MM) Patch cord SC (SM/MM) Patch cord ST (SM/MM) Patch cord

    "Armored Optic Fiber Patch cord makes the optic fiber patch cord be electric cable -like handling and easy installation. This latest Armored Optic Fiber Patch cord is different from the traditional product for the characteristics that it has developed with a micro diameter armored flexible tube in stainless steel in order to prevent optical fiber from easy destroyed and broken and it can be covered with PVC of flame-resistance coating. In order to ensure the firmly conjunction, we also offer relative strong type connector. This unique design makes the construction process more convenient, reduce the loss and extend the use life of optical fiber."

    The characteristics of Armored Optical Fiber Patchcord:
    1 Gently and strong safeguard optical fibers for its material of stainless steel.
    2 High tensile strength, pressure resistance, re-twist resistance, prevents bite by the rodents. 
    3 Electric cable-like handling and easy installation.
Easy to identify with 12 of PVC coating color.( White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black¡¢ Green, Gray, Orange,        Purple, Light Blue, Brown, Pink)

Product Specification

Single Mode


Insertion Loss 0.2dB 0.3dB
Return Loss 50dB --------
Repeatability 0.1dB 0.1dB
Operation Temperature -40°C~+85°C -40°C~+85°C
Length Required Length by Customers

Product Specification


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